Immunization Requirements for All CBS Students

New York State public health law requires that all students document immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR), as well as document that they either have received the Meningitis vaccine or have declined to receive it.

  • Click on this link to review the information for the MMR Vaccine
  • Click on this link to review the information for the Meningitis Vaccine


It is recommended that students submit their immunization documentation at least 30 days prior to their scheduled registration date. For this reason, all incoming students are placed on hold prior to their first registration. If you are unable to locate your immunization documentation you may schedule an appointment at Columbia Health for immunizations. Medical Services at Columbia offers the MMR vaccine by appointment at no cost to new students. Alternatively, the MMR blood test is offered on a walk-in basis if you wish to test your level of immunity. The test is also at no cost for new students.

For advice on determining the best course of action, you may contact the Immunization Compliance Office at 212-854-7210 or e-mail Otherwise, you may schedule your vaccine appointment by calling (212) 854‐7426 or visit Columbia Health Medical Services during their hours of operation to have the blood test.

For additional information on the MMR requirement, please visit the following link:

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