CBS Traditions

CBS has many traditions…read on to learn more about the great events and activities that make Columbia Business School the best b-school EVER.


A cherished CBS tradition that predates the school itself, Follies is the semiannual comedy variety show which brings the entire school together for an intoxicated smorgasbord of hilarity. The show combines live sketch comedy, soon-to-be viral music videos, and the jaw-slackening gyrations of the amazing Follies Dancers. Follies is the place where our gifted CBS students get to show off their hidden talents to the school one last time before a lifetime of soul-crushing corporate servitude. We’re looking for actors, writers, singers, dancers, or all of the above! No previous experience necessary (this is business school after all; fake it ‘till you make it). Short of insider trading, Follies is the most rewarding thing you can do during your time in Business School. But don’t take our word for it, listen to Dean Glenn Hubbard: “CBS Follies is a semiannual show that I am contractually obligated to attend.”

For a sample of our work, check out the CBS Follies channel on YouTube!

Fall Ball and Spring Gala

Information on Fall Ball and Spring Gala will be provided shortly by the current VP of Events. 

Cluster Cup

Cluster Cup is an experience unique to Columbia Business School and something you won’t find at any of our peer schools.  Cluster Cup sports (e.g. volleyball, basketball and soccer), games (e.g. trivia) and Happy Hour skits are a great way to have fun and build up camaraderie within your cluster. Clusters are awarded points for winning and also for participation (# of fans from your Cluster attending the events).


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