Doctors, Dentists, Opticians and Counseling

Doctors / Counselling

It’s actually quite easy to book in a doctor’s appointment. Just visit the Health Services Appointment Booking Website. **Quick tip – if you want to get a same day appointment, be sure to log in to the site early (like before 7am) as appointments fill up quickly. If you’re just looking for a routine check up, then you can schedule out several weeks in advance as well.

Also note that Columbia offers great counseling support for all CBS students. Check out this site for more info.

Opticians / Dentists

Columbia Opticians (1246 Amsterdam Ave- 212-316-2020) is on Amsterdam and 121st (very close to school) and offers a discount for Columbia Students (although we’ve heard mixed reviews).

Columbia Dental Associates (212-865-8467) is associated with Columbia University and offers affordable basic dental care if you have the school health insurance and more ‘detailed’ care if you have the dental plan. The Morningside Campus Facility is at 1244 Amsterdam Avenue (121st Street)

**Check the Aetna site to see what your healthcare plan covers for you specifically and to identify additional providers that are covered by Aetna. 


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