Eating Out / Restaurants

In terms of eating off-campus, there are SO MANY options to choose from. Check out the sites below for more info:

Reviews / Ratings 

Interesting Restaurant / Food Newsletters 

Online Ordering (it’s quite common for students to have food delivered to Watson Library during finals)
Discounts, etc. 

On Campus Options
Uris Hall has it’s own Deli (Uris Deli) and Cafe. Here you can get sandwiches, pastries, soups, salads and other dishes plus coffee, tea, soda, etc. It is very convenient as you don’t have to abandon Uris Hall to get food, however, the food is not all that great and pretty expensive for what you get. (Our suggestion is to only eat here if you really need to…)

There are also other eating options offered by the university that a lot of MBA students use. Right by Uris Hall, there is the Architecture building’s Deli, which has some more options and students usually prefer its quality. There is also the Dining Hall of Teachers College, where you can get a lot of variety of food including complete dishes (e.g., grilled steak or grilled salmon) for a convenient price.

Another popular (nearly) on-campus option is Hamilton Deli, which many students stop at as they rush between classes in Uris and Warren Halls.

Check out this link for more on-campus dining options:


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