Finding a Place to Live

The following links may be helpful for your housing search:

Columbia University Housing Website (most relevant for those applying for University housing) 

Columbia University Off-Campus Housing Website

Listings can be accessed using the following user login and password: 
User login: ocrhousing
Password: ochazdf

Columbia Business School Rentals Facebook Page (contains posts of available apartments and interested renters from the CBS community)

Real-estate brokers who offer discounted rates for Columbia Business School students: (Broker fees typically range from 10-15% of one year’s rent).

(a) Jeremy Cooper from Cooper and Cooper Real Estate
(Columbia Business School graduate who lives in the neighborhood)
Phone: (917) 821-2396

(b) Carlos Spaventa, Charles Rutenberg NYC
Phone: (917) 405-0221

(c) Melissa Gibeson at Citi Habitat
Phone: (516) 526-6339 or

You can also always try sites such as Zillow, Streeteasy, Craigslist, NYBits or Padmapper

Apartment Hunting Tips from the NYC Affordable Housing Resource Center 

 NYC Apartment Checklist (created by a former PA)

 33 Excellent Apartment Hunting Guides, Tips, and Tools


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