Grade Non-Disclosure

Columbia Business School has a policy of Grade Non-Disclosure. Simply put, CBS students (along with students from other top schools such as Wharton, Chicago Booth and Stanford) have decided, as a Community, to not disclose grades to potential employers. However, students may still disclose academic honors, such as the Dean’s List.

See below for the specific wording of the GND policy and check out the Graduate Business Association website for more information.

In support of the academic mission of Columbia Business School, we, as a student body, agree to the following two principles:

a)      We choose to refrain from disclosing specific class grades, GPAs, or transcripts pertaining to our classes at CBS to potential employers until we accept a full-time, post-graduation position with an employer.

b)      We celebrate the achievement of those among us with exceedingly distinctive academic performance, and therefore, awards of national honors societies and academic honors bestowed by Columbia University (e.g., Dean’s List) may be disclosed to potential employers

***We will discuss the GND policy in detail during Orientation, including providing you with resources / tips on how to respond if a potential employer asks you for your grades. ***


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