How to Prepare

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” – Alexander Graham Bell

See below for PA tips on how to prepare for Orientation:

Set Expectations – You will be VERY busy from morning through late at night each day through the first week of Orientation. While of course your parents, friends, significant others, etc. will want to hear from you, your PAs suggest that you let them know that it is a CRAZY week and that in all likelihood you’ll have little (if any) time to chat.

Arrive in NYC Well Before OrientationDon’t schedule any other appointments or meetings during the first week of Orientation – you’ll be busy all day and night. This is really important, every year there are students that schedule appointments (e.g., to look for housing, to open a bank account), only to have to cancel them because of Orientation requirements. These things have to be done before Orientation – you will not be allowed to miss Orientation activities for an appointment. 

Get Plenty of Sleep / Arrive Healthy – It is no fun being sick, and even less fun being sick during one of the most amazing weeks at CBS … so make sure that you get plenty of rest, eat well, exercise and DON’T DRINK TOO MUCH before, during and after Orientation. 


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