Your first resource for anything related to all things kids-related should be the Work/Life Office at Columbia University

Your fellow CBS parents also recommend reaching out to Carolyn Singer, who works at the Work/Life Office ( Carolyn has good contacts for baby sitters (through Barnard), day care, pre-schools, etc.

Another key consideration is health insurance. Check out the health insurance section of this website, and be sure to contact Aetna to discuss your coverage before your child is born.


Your fellow CBS parents have suggested the following locations for purchasing necessities for your child and/or expectant mothers:


Preschool:  There are many childcare options on campus, but we encourage families to start early — arranging childcare is a challenge and wait lists are often a reality. The following Web sites offer more information:

Primary School & Beyond: Check out the following informational sites:

NOTE: New York City public schools are divided by residential districts—your home address determines your district. Those who live near the Morningside campus are generally in School District 3, 300 W. 96th Street, 212-678-2800, or District 5, 433 W. 123rd Street, 212-769-7500.Those who live near the Medical Center campus are generally in School District 6, 560 W. 169th Street, 212-927-0608. If your child chooses to attend a school outside your district, you are required to have your child gain admission to that school. School district offices and individual schools may be contacted directly for more information.

Advice for CBS Moms

A few pieces of candid advice from a current CBS mom:

  • Schedule your time: once registered, you don’t need to graduate with your classmates. As long as you graduate within five years after graduation, that should be fine. So plan your schedule. Some mothers will take one month’s maternity leave, others would take longer, all works.
  • Use school resources: contact the Office of Student Affairs and they will be very helpful. They will help you to videotape the classes, rearrange exams, etc;
  • There is a milk pumping room in Uris and you can use it to pump milk during the day
  • Talk to other CBS mothers!

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  1. I like it whenever people come together and share thoughts.
    Great website, stick with it.

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