Utilities / Other Services

Utilities / TV / Internet
Details on preferred suppliers will likely be provided by your apartment, but just in case, here is a list of potential providers of electricity/gas, cable tv and internet:

For University housing, it is not necessary to arrange for electricity/gas to be set up, and most units have internet access included in the rental price (however, you will need to buy a wireless router in most cases in order to have wireless internet in your apartment). University housing is also usually wired for cable tv, but you will need to arrange for the cable company to come to your apartment to set up the connection.

In terms of paying extra for cable tv, keep in mind that you will have VERY little spare time during your first year at CBS, so the extra $50 or so a month may not be worth it, especially considering site/services such as:

Movers & Other Services
There are a few options when deciding on a furniture moving service, air conditioner installer, etc.

  • Ask around – word of mouth recommendations are usually best!
  • Check out online review sites such as Yelp
  • Utilize services such as Paygr, which allow you to set your price / requested activity and have providers bid on your business
The following companies were recommended on the Class of 2013 Facebook Page:
  • Rob the Mover: http://robthemover.wordpress.com/. They get good reviews and are willing to just send guys to help unload.
    They were great! Super cheap, really nice, really highly rated on Yelp. It’s just a few guys who started this after college I think. I had them for two hours (so $150 for two hours for two people) and they finished unloading in about an hour, so they stayed and set up furniture.

If you’re interested in renting a car to assist with the moving process, you can check out the following cheap(er) options near campus:

For those of you without doormen, you can use UPS to easily receive packages during the day: http://www.theupsstorelocal.com/1786/mailboxes.htm

One response to “Utilities / Other Services

  1. Chris Ratkovsky

    My $0.02, from someone just moving to NYC (university housing)…

    Furniture – I ended up buying from South Shore and Bush Furniture on Amazon… and was pretty happy with price, quality and how quickly things were delivered. I tried Craigslist first, but it seemed like a bit of a crapshoot (and I started to appreciate how much of a hassle it is to pick things up in Manhattan).

    Hardware/Tools – Garcia Hardware on Amsterdam has a better selection and prices than University Housewares.

    Housewares – I’d second the advice regarding Target. Really good (i.e. non-Manhattan) prices for a variety of housewares, cleaning supplies, basic groceries, etc. TJ Maxx is also pretty good for discounted housewares/kitchen supplies.

    Toiletries – Target again. Cheaper than Duane Reade and others…

    Kitchen supplies – Master Kitchen Supplies in the Bowery… enough said… the prices are pretty good and the selection is amazing. You could stock your entire kitchen using this place. There are several other restaurant supply stores in the area as well. TJ Maxx’s has more limited selection, but the prices are probably better.

    Groceries – All of the grocery stores along Broadway are pricy (although I’ll probably think they’re reasonable in a few months’ time!). Target is decent for stocking up on basics (i.e. pantry items), but I’d recommend the Fairways at 131st Street for that. It’s out of the way but the prices and selection are excellent. The Fairways at 72nd/Broadway is more accessible, but has less selection. Trader Joes (also 72nd/Broadway) has less selection than Fairways, but really good prices and quality.

    Other – Yelp is always useful. Century 21 is a good discount retail store with several locations around the city (they sell clothes more than anything else, but some housewares).

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