Stuff to Do

There is an abundance of stuff to do in NYC. Your amazing PAs have provided a list of favorite NYC cultural / dining out / touristy activities below, but we also recommend checking out the Columbia University arts website for discounts to Broadway Shows, etc. and subscribing to newsletters/twitter feeds such as Pulsd NY and The Summer Guide 2011 to stay up to date on fun, local events.

Check out the list of PA recommendations below:

Exploring  cafes in the West and East Village
Wandering around the village and taking advantage of the amazing
restaurants all over the city
The MOMA, the Highline, Central Park on a sunny day, and ice skating at
Rockefeller Center
Milk & Honey
Dinosaur BBQ and Pisticci
I love everything about NYC–the food, the shopping and the nightlife!
Asian food in Chinatown. Korean BBQ in K-town.
Good food…all over NYC
Central Park, Museums
Little Italy
The Met
Must try the porterhouse for two at Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn, must see
Wicked on Broadway, go to the green market in Union Squareand buy
some ridiculously fresh produce and some good apple cider wine
Met Opera, Luzzo’s for pizza, Abraco for coffee, Milk and Honey
for cocktails 
There is nothing better than a warm day in central park
Shakespeare in the park, food/drink/holiday festivals, beer gardens,
Yankees games, hunting for the best burger in NYC, the Met, the MoMa,
party brunches, anything in Central Park (free concerts, movies,
working out, picnics, tanning, ANYTHING!), spending a day in a
different NYC neighborhood (pick a day to start out with brunch in a
neighborhood and keep exploring its stores, museums, bars, galleries, etc),
and I just love trying the new bars / restaurants that keep popping up
everywhere – easy to follow if you sign up for some of the listserves
like Urban Daddy, etc.,
The Cloisters are definitely worth seeing.  i love anything having to do
with museums, so I would just say hit all of them.  Oh, and the
Metropolitan Museum of Art has a great happy hour on their roof deck!
PS1 Warm Up
Any BYOB restaurant.
Brunch downtown.  Anyone who moves into University housing, make
yourself get out of bed and onto the subway on the weekends!
Hanging out below 14th street or in Brooklyn, going to nice dinners,
speakeasy bars, being outside as much as possible.  
Trying new ethnic restaurants.
Fette Sau in Brooklyn.  Best BBQ in NY
I enjoy walking from Central Park to 34th St. I also like going to
sport events.
dumplings at jing fong in chinatown 🙂 eat till you drop!
Florio’s Cigar Bar (Mulberry and Grand)
There’s an incredible amount to choose from, but a stroll down Literary
Walk in Central Park on a lazy weekend with some good friends is still
hard to beat.
Sushi Yasuda for great sushi, late night dining in ktown and exploring
Brooklyn and Queen’s
Walking across theBrooklynBridgein the summer.
Trying new resturants or going on long runs in Central Park
The best “touristy” thing to do in NYC is take a big group of friends to
Sammy’s Roumanian for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. They
have great food (get the steak) and vodka bottles frozen in blocks of ice!
Plus, there’s a DJ and sing along karaoke.  It’s like going to a bar mitzvah!
Eating.  I do it everyday…usually multiple times.  The food near campus
ain’t great, but there are more than 100 other blocks in the city that
have great choices.
Summertime in the city. There are so many free events throughout the
week (movies, theater, concerts, festivals) you will never be bored. In addition
the Hudson River Park is my favorite place to spend an afternoon – much more
so than in Central Park where it’s crowded and hot. The Hudson park has much
better views, AND a wonderful cool breeze.
all food inBrooklyn!!
Running through Central Park, Sharing drinks on the roof top of 230
Fifth while wearing its red robe during a cool fall night, enjoying time
with friends on the Frying Pan boat, eating an Oreo sundae at Serendipity,
watching an outdoor concert at Lincoln Center, dancing salsa in the
2nd floor of Iguana
It’s hard to pick just one, but I love Chelsea Market. There are tons of great
food spots, it’s a cool area and I hear it’s the perfect bike ride from the upper
west side in the summer.
Visiting museums! MoMA, Guggenheim, and the new Museum are some of
my favorites.
Eating out
Having drinks on the roof of the Met lets you do it all – browse past galleries
of superb artwork, see the city overlooking central park and enjoy a glass of
wine or two. I highly recommend it, especially since Met admission is free
for CBS students.
Outdoor day drinking in the summer, trying as many new restaurants as I can,
and running along the West Side Highway.
Going to the MOMA
Join the Arts and Culture Club to find out.  But if I have to pick a favorite eat at
Sammy’s Romanian Steaks.
I love comedy, so I would highly recommend seeing a show at the Upright
Citizens Brigade. If the only improv comedy you know is “whose line is it
anyway”, you should definitely check out one of their weekend shows.
Dinner at Les Enfants Terribles and drinks at Clandestino next door – both on a
unique corner in the lower east side.
Tea and scones by the fire at Lady Mendl’s in Grammercy Park
Anything at theLincolnCenter. Take advantage of student discounts at the Met,
Philharmonic, and ballet.
My favorite thing to do in NYC is to jog in Central Park; it’s as cliche as it gets,
but it makes me appreciate how awesome Manhattan is every time I run from
the West Side to the East Side.
Harlem’s Apollo Theater
Biking through Central Park
Finding a Broadway show at TKTS on the cheap. Hitting up Atlantic City with
your cluster.
Cultural- Carnegie Hall concerts! Dining- Little Italy restaurants are fabulous
Tourist- Columbus Circle/Central Park! And of course, one never gets tired of
Times square.
Walking aroundTimes Square!
Nothing beats going for a run inCentral Parkona sunny day.
Walking around the west village and trying restaurants I’ve never heard of
Central Park.  It’s amazing, especially in the summer
So many! I loveCentral Parkand Battery Park in the summer. Outdoor
music in the summer too – Summerstage and the New York
Philharmonic in the Park are not to be missed.
Ice skating in Central Park, Dimsum in Chinatown, Sake Bombs in Midtown,
Karaoke and Soju in KTown
The Metropolitan Opera! It is an amazing experience and as a CBS student
you can get good tickets for only $25. In addition, entrance to many
museums in NY is free for CBS students.
I love visiting the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays. Local farmers,
bakers and artists sell their fresh, unique merchandise, and there is a
great scene.
I loved to take my clustermates to Korean restaurants and Karaoke. It was
ton of fun.
Dine out! Momofuku
Visiting the fabulous museums this city has to offer
MuseumofNatural History
Going to Super Taste in Chinatown.  It’s this little hole-in-the-wall that
probably has the tastiest beef noodle soup in the country.  Delicious.
Also, Texas Independence Day at Terminal 5 (in late Feb) is a great time.
The places that are still open at 4 am when I’m not ready to go home.
Rugby HH during the 2nd semester is the place to be.  Its even better than our
Thursday HH, unless the Rugby team is sponsoring Thursday HH.
Wednesday Rugby HH and Thursday HH.
Fuerza Bruta – A great show in NYC, went there 3 times and I still enjoy it
every time.
Eating at Momofuku,Rye, or Hill Country

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