For those selecting University Housing, your roommate will be assigned to you (unless you’re living with your partner). In some cases, you will live with another CBS student, in others a graduate student from another Columbia school.

For those not in University Housing, there are a variety of options for finding a potential roommate:

CBS Roommate Tracker (Google doc with information about incoming students seeking roommates)

Craigslist (just beware of scams!)

A few things to consider when looking for a roommate:

  • You will be spending 99.9% of your time doing CBS stuff with CBS people – so you may want to live with someone outside of the CBS bubble to have a break once in a while…
  • On the other hand, it’s great to live with someone that understands the crazy awesomeness that is Columbia Business School
  • There is also always the option of renting a studio / single bedroom apartment and living on your own, though this comes with a slightly higher price tag

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