Smartphone Email Access

You will be able to set up email access for your email once you begin orientation.  To do so,  follow the steps below (courtesy of the ITG website).

For iPhone users

1. Click ‘Settings’ > ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ > ‘Add Account’

2. Click ‘Microsoft Exchange’.

3. Enter your complete email address (e.g. jtarshisneil16@gsb.columbia), the domain (GSB), your email login (jtarshisneil16), and your email password, and click ‘Next’.

4. Enter the email server name,

5. Under the account settings, please ensure that SSL is set to “ON” (this is the default setting), then click ‘Next’.

6. You will see options for synchronizing Mail, Contacts, and Calendars:

  • If you have no Contacts or Calendar entries, these default to On.
  • If you have Contacts or Calendar entries, these default to off.
  • If you turn on synchronization for Contacts or Calendar, you will be asked if you want to keep local iPhone contacts or calendar. Choose “Keep” to keep existing iPhone contacts and calendar and add Exchange contacts and calendar. (“Delete” will delete iPhone contacts or calendar and replace with Exchange contacts and calendar
  • If you choose to synchronize Contacts, you will be asked about duplicate entries. Choose “Keep” to merge entries from iPhone contacts with same name as Exchange contacts. (“Cancel” will cancel without merging contacts)

7. Voila! You can now access your GSB email on your iPhone.

For Android Devices

  1. In Applications menu, choose “Email”.
  2. Type in your lifetime ID and password. (Check box if you want GSB to be default email account)
  3. Choose “Exchange” account.
  4. Enter for Exchange Server information and GSB for Domain.
  5. Check “Use secure connection (SSL)” and “Accept all SSL certificates”. Then, choose “Next”.
  6. Wait for “Account Options” to appear if configured correctly.
  7. Enter information to customize email account and choose “Done” when finished.

Other Set-Up Options that May Apply

  1. In Applications menu, choose “Settings”.
  2. Select “Accounts” from Settings Option.
  3. Tap “Add New” from Accounts Menu.
  4. Choose “Corporate Sync”
  5. Type in your GSB\lifetime ID and password under account information. (ex. GSB\FLastname13)
  6. Check “Use secure connection”
  7. Under the email address field, enter your GSB email address.
  8. Enter under the Server field.
  9. Select the “Next” button and a confirmation screen will appear if configured correctly. 
  10. Click “Done” when finished


The following instructions are for setting up wireless synchronization with an Exchange Server using ActiveSync for Non-Touch Screen

  1. Tap Start, tap All Programs, tap ActiveSync, tap Menu, and then tap Add Server. If you’ve already set up a sync partnership with an Exchange server, the option appears as Configure Server instead of Add Server Source.
  2. Enter your e-mail address (
  3. Clear the Attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings automatically check box, and then tap Next.
  4. In the Server address box, enter the name of the Exchange server. (
  5. If encrypted connections are supported by your Exchange server, select the This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection check box, and then tap Next.
  6. Enter your user name, password, and domain name. (GSB for domain name)
    If you want the phone to save your password so that you won’t have to enter it again when synchronizing, select the Save password check box, and then tap Next.
  7. Select the check boxes for the information that you want to sync with the Exchange server.
  8. To change available synchronization settings, select the type of information, tap Menu, and then tap Settings.
  9. If you want to change the rules for resolving synchronization conflicts, tap Menu, and then tap Advanced.
  10. Tap Finish.

4 responses to “Smartphone Email Access

  1. Hi I have an old version of IOS and the menu structure seems different, will setting up my email also work with IOS version 4?


  2. Thank you. I have set up for my iphone.

  3. I will set my email to work with iOS 4 version.

  4. I installed it. Thank you

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