There are MANY opportunities for you to be involved in non-career-related activities at CBS – and one of the best ways to do so is through a sports team!
Check out the info and fun pics below on just a few of the teams that CBS has to offer! Note: You will have the opportunity to learn more about these teams during Orientation, at Association Day and during team presentations (which will take place during the first few weeks of school).

WoMen’s Rugby Club

The following “press release” from the 2011 MBA Rugby World Championships at Duke pretty much sums up the team:

Our muscles are sore, our bodies are bruised… But we are CHAMPIONS!!!!
Columbia A defeated Wharton A 2-1 for the CUP WORLD CHAMPIONSIP!*
Columbia B defeated Wharton B in sudden death (with only 4 players left on the field!) for the PLUNGER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!*

It was an amazing weekend filled with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Afterward, we toted about ten members of the guys’ team back to Durham and turned the bus into the best club North Carolina has ever seen. Dancing delight magically developed- the likes of which included crowd surfing and real, live rapping by a Columbia MBA student. It was CRAYZAY! We went out to Shooters dressed as “Where’s Waldo,” which was a hit! 

*Note: Both trophies are currently in a state of disrepair due to excessive celebration, but I have confidence in superglu

Men’s Rugby Club

CBS RFC is comprised of roughly 60 first and second year members. Practices are held twice a week, and the team plays matches and tournaments throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. The club is open to players of all experience levels (only 10% of members have played rugby prior to CBS) and has a strong social aspect. We host weekly happy hours for the entire student body on Wednesdays and often hang out as a team on Fridays after practice.
“There are two type of men at CBS – those who play Rugby and those who, umm, hmm.  Ok, there’s one type of man at CBS.  I kid.  I kid.  The CBS Rugby Football Club is the tightest group on campus for our bonds are forged in blood, not weak ass DCFs and Powerpoint presentations.  We are a scrappy bunch of all sizes (two of our last four presidents weighed 150 lbs) who don’t back down from any challenge.   There’s a position for every type of man on the pitch and it’s perfectly fine if you’ve never played Rugby before – only about 10% of the team has prior experience.  And yep, all of our practices and matches are followed by beer.” – Eric Puleio (Team Captain, 2010-11)


Volleyball Club gives CBS students the chance to get to know their classmates in a non-academic setting, relieve some of the stress of the classroom, and, of course, hone their volleyball skills! As a club we have participated in Intramurals as well as tournaments held at HBS and Wharton in the past. We encourage players of all levels to come out and play. We accept people who:

1) Are too delicate to play Rugby
2) Lack athletic abilities to play basketball/football
3) Are not skillful enough to compete in Golf/Squash/Tennis
4) Don’t know how to surf or sail

Note: Be rest assured that your executive board has been chosen in accordance to these guiding principles.”

Snow sports club

The purpose of the Snow Sports Club is to foster an insane love of cold weather, ‘80s winter apparel, hot tubs, and the occasional bit of sliding down mountains, through our annual ski trip (the biggest trip at Columbia Business School) and more snow related shenanigans on some of our local mountains in the Northeast. This year we traveled to Utah in January and easily won the most fun team award at the annual Tuck Winter Carnival in February when we compete against other “top business schools” for best outfits/ dance skills while attempting to race through gates.

squash club

The squash club has practices once per week, as well as impromptu play by virtue of an active ladder. The club hosts one internal tournament each semester, and sometimes travels to play other business schools.

Experience and ability vary widely and all skill levels are welcome. This year, we’re looking into having sessions for beginners/intermediate players with a squash pro, so don’t worry if you’ve never played before.

Football (Soccer) Club

Practices are usually held two times per week near campus, and scrimmages with other teams in the New York area are also held. The club competes in tournaments against other major business schools from the United States and Europe. All ability levels are encouraged to participate.

“Futbol is church for me. Playing at CBS with the guys in the Football club has been awesome – it really balances life.” Tim Lorenzo

“I am football player trapped in the body of a CBS student, it’s always been like that, but it’s ok, because I found in this club brothers with the same issue, from the 5 continents, and from the most diverse backgrounds. I tore my ACL in our last tournament, but that only increased my fervor to be part of this amazing club and be closer to my brothers.” Armando Llaza


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