Student Record Form Examples

Professional Statement: From 2005 to 2009 I worked at HSBC in Islamic real estate for the asset management division. My responsibilities, ranging from analysis to marketing to product development helped solidify my interest in real estate. Studying ancient Greece as a classics major helped fuel my interest in architecture. Blended with our generation’s environmental concerns my interests gravitated towards sustainable development. As a developer managing projects I look forward to seeing my ideas come to fruition.

Personal Statement: I am a suburban New Yorker who ventured only as far as Middletown CT to attend Wesleyan University. I have diverse interests including painting, cooking, reading, poker, and athletics. In college, I was a member of, not one, but four varsity teams. I remain active through masters swimming and corporate softball and cherish the life long friendships these have fostered. As to the future, as a real estate developer I aspire to help develop an Olympic village (or at least the neighborhood pool).


Professional Statement: I have three years of experience in the film industry, specificially in talent representation and independent film sales. My post-MBA goal is to combine my education and hands on experience in film with an MBA to allow me to act in a strategic role for a studio, broadcaster, distributor, or production company.

Personal Statement: I was born in Boston, MA and came to New York City for college . I am an avid runner as well as a movie buff. I enjoy exploring what New York has to offer. I am also a frequent traveler and have visited over 25 countries.


Professional Statement: I have spent my career in finance as a CDO structurer. My tenure has encompassed the market’s rapid expansion, its contraction, and current recovery. Unfortunately, this product area contributed to the housing market excesses and the global banking sector weaknesses. From these experiences I better understand how to balance risk and reward. At CBS I hope to refine my skills in order to apply them to an investing role, via the private equity or distressed investing sectors.

Personal Statement: I am an extroverted individual with a strong, proactive work ethic. I believe I can work with individuals of diverse backgrounds, but at CBS I hope to refine these teamwork and leadership abilities. Also, I believe it is important to remain balanced between work and recreation. I enjoy playing tennis, and I also enjoy taking advantage of the many activities within New York from the arts to restaurants. I hope to maintain this balance in the demanding business school environment.


Professional Statement: I have been working for about 2 years in a management consulting firm, building experiences in risk management, high tech industry and retail banking. My professional aspiration would be to work in a field related with Climate Change issues/policies.

Personal Statement: I am an Italian lively person, who loves sports and traveling. My undergraduate studies in physics gave me a solid scientific mindset, while my current work offered my a wide international exposure which helped me appreciate even more different cultures and habits.


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