What is Orientation?


So … I’m sure you’re wondering – what is this whole “Orientation” thing really all about? As I’m sure many of you may have heard, Orientation is a crazy week filled with lots of cheering, late night partying and meeting new people…but really, the experience at its core is about three key things:

1. Transition

  • Personal/Community, Academic, Professional, Geographic
  • Integration into the CBS Community

2. Teams

  • Become a Cluster (group of ~70 peers that you will take your core classes with in your first year)
  • Meet your learning team (group of 5-7 peers that you will do the majority of group work with during your first year)

3. Trial Run

  • Academic preparedness (practice actual business school case assignments with your learning team)
  • “Safe environment” (no grades!)
This is the also only time in your CBS career that you:
  • Don’t have classes or exams (accounting & statistics will start right after your first week of orientation) 
  • Get free food & coffee all the time (seriously, take advantage of the fact that all of your meals are provided this week) 
  • Will have every minute of the day planned for you (believe me, managing your own schedule takes a lot of work) 
  • Get to run around screaming & being crazy (outside of Happy Hours …)
In short – Orientation will be one of the highlights of your CBS experience … so get excited! Your PAs can’t wait to meet you!


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